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Xplore is CODA’s solution discovery program for decommissioning challenges. The program identifies and tests technologies and processes that improve the planning, safety, and efficiency of decommissioning operations. Xplore connects challenge owners with new or emerging solutions from both within and outside of our industry sector, enabling solution providers to pilot test their products or ideas on real data and projects.

How it works

CODA solicits decommissioning-related challenge statements from oil and gas operating companies and their major contractors. Selected challenges then progress through the Xplore solution discovery process.

Selected challenges will be communicated within and beyond conventional industry supply chains, via established common interest networks (including CODA’s partner cohort), related industry bodies, academic institutions and government agencies. As part of this communication, solution providers will be invited to register their interest and describe the key elements of their proposed solutions via CODA’s online Xplore challenge portal. Challenges will remain open for submission of potential solutions for a fixed period (typically 4 to 6 weeks).

Once a challenge is ‘closed’, all solutions submitted will be reviewed by the challenge owner and one (or more) of the solutions identified will be selected as the winner(s) of that particular challenge. The successful solution provider(s) are then invited to work with the challenge owner to develop and execute a proof of concept or pilot study / application of the solution to a relevant subset of data or operational test environment.

A monetary ‘prize’ will be awarded to successful solution provider to partially or entirely offset the costs associated with the subsequent proof of concept or pilot.

This point marks the formal completion of the program’s process for that challenge, and any additional phases or agreements are to be established between the solution provider and challenge owner.

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