Developing a collaborative and sustainable Decommissioning industry for Australia.

CODA is supporting the creation of a collaborative and sustainable decommissioning industry with the capability and capacity to address the challenges and opportunities of decommissioning Australia’s aging oil and gas infrastructure.

About CODA

The Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) is an independent organisation that works with industry, government and the community to create a collaborative and sustainable approach to decommissioning Australia’s aging oil and gas infrastructure.

There is more than USD $40 billion of necessary decommissioning work to be done on Australia’s offshore oil and gas infrastructure, over half of which needs to be started within the next ten years.

Decommissioning represents a multi-generational challenge for Australia. CODA will play a critical role in transforming our country’s approach to late life planning and decommissioning to maximise the value for Australia.

Dr Francis Norman

USD$40bn+ of Work

To be undertaken in
the next 50 years.

Including topsides
and substructures.

Equivalent to…

75x EiffelTowers

Explore Our Studies

In collaboration with industry partners, CODA has commissioned a series of studies to accelerate cross-industry understanding of Australia's decommissioning challenge. The studies will establish a foundational understanding of opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and efficiency in decommissioning that support CODA's objectives.

Offshore Oil and Gas Decommissioning Liability (Australia)

The Australian offshore oil and gas industry is facing a significant decommissioning portfolio over the next few decades, with the potential for earlier abandonment activities given changing market conditions. Advisian has been commissioned to determine the total estimated...

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Global Review of Decommissioning Planning and Execution Learnings

After decades of operations a growing volume of Australia’s oil and gas infrastructure is approaching the end of its productive life, leading to a significant forecast ramp-up in decommissioning activity in the next decade and continuing for decades...

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Development of a Decommissioning Innovation and Technology Roadmap

The Australian offshore oil and gas industry is facing a significant decommissioning portfolio over the coming decades, with the potential for the application of technology and innovation to significantly improve decommissioning project outcomes. Prepared by Linch-Pin, this report...

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Understanding the Opportunity for Local Disposal and Recycling Pathways

Australia’s growing decommissioning activity presents a significant opportunity for Australian businesses with the capability to manage the efficient recycling and disposal of materials and equipment. Additionally, it offers opportunities for regional development. This study assesses Australia’s existing capacities...

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