What is CODA?

The Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) is an independent initiative working with industry, government and the community to create a collaborative and sustainable approach to decommissioning Australia’s aging oil and gas infrastructure.

CODA’s own research shows there is more than US$40billion of decommissioning work necessary over the coming 50 years in Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry alone – over half of which needs to start within the next decade.

With this as context, CODA was created to bring together industry, technology suppliers, research organisations and government to help to grow and prepare Australian industry to support future decommissioning projects and maximise local ability to deliver this work.
We are here to drive a collaborative and new, technological and research-based approach to retiring Australia’s biggest industry assets.

Our focus

Through collaborative and coordinated action, CODA is:
  • supporting a world-class decommissioning industry that services needs locally and internationally
  • encouraging safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive decommissioning outcomes
  • optimising the recycling and reuse of infrastructure
  • maximising opportunities for the local workforce, service and technology companies
  • pursuing a reduction in decommissioning costs through cross-industry collaboration, planning and implementation of best practice approaches

We are connecting all relevant stakeholders through industry forums and our upcoming decommissioning directory, while also sharing knowledge through the production of studies and research papers.

Our work

In collaboration with industry partners, CODA has commissioned a series of studies to accelerate cross-industry understanding of Australia’s decommissioning challenge. These studies establish a foundational understanding of opportunities for collaboration, innovation and efficiency in decommissioning that support CODA's objectives.

understanding opportunities for local disposal and recycling

a global review of decommissioning planning and execution learnings

development of a decommissioning innovation and technology roadmap.

Get involved with CODA

CODA is growing rapidly as we work towards consolidating one of Australia’s fastest growing industries. We’ve gathered industry experts with years of collective experience in the oil and gas industry who will support CODA and its development.

We facilitate focussed working groups consisting of industry leaders, from operators to supply chain representatives. These forums help guide our planning and future activities to ensure we deliver maximum value for the industry.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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CODA Connect Newsletter

If you would like to get involved, share your expertise and have some input on the future of decommissioning in Australia, we encourage you to contact us and sign-up for our CODA Connect newsletter to keep informed about upcoming CODA events, research, and focus groups.

National Decommissioning Research Initiative

When decommissioning oil and gas infrastructure, many factors require examination. One important consideration is the impact that removing or leaving infrastructure will have on the marine environment.

The National Decommissioning Research Initiative (NDRI) aims to better understand the impacts of different decommissioning options. Outcomes from the NDRI projects will be used to support the environmental assessment of different decommissioning options for offshore oil and gas infrastructure and will feed into the projects being led by CODA to ensure best practice.