The Australian offshore oil and gas industry is facing a significant decommissioning portfolio over the coming decades, with the potential for the application of technology and innovation to significantly improve decommissioning project outcomes. Prepared by Linch-Pin, this report includes the development of an innovation and technology roadmap that identifies key opportunities within the decommissioning work breakdown structure that would benefit from applying innovative approaches and technologies.The roadmap focusses on Australia’s offshore Oil and Gas assets and draws upon technology currently used or emerging in other centres of decommissioning activity such as the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

The report also identifies roadblocks and opportunities to innovate specifically for the Australian market. The Roadmap serves as an alignment tool for Operators and service providers and plays an important role in the transformation of the industry approach to decommissioning.

Interactive Roadmap

Visually explore the identified technologies, innovations, and their potential impact on the decommissioning sector in a user-friendly platform.

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In summary, the Roadmap:

  • Identifies Australian areas of action that will most benefit from applying innovative approaches or technologies, taking into account work undertaken and findings from other jurisdictions, such as the United Kingdom, the Gulf of Mexico and Norway.
  • Identifies local capabilities and the opportunities to develop innovations, technologies or other solutions within Australia. This work also considers the opportunity for Australia to export these products to service regional decommissioning needs.


The full version of this report as well as the other reports in the series is available to CODA partner members. To find out more email

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