The Forward Outlook is a tool developed by CODA to enhance visibility of forecast decommissioning activity, to support planning, and to foster collaboration within the Australian offshore oil and gas and decommissioning industry. The database has been compiled from publicly available information, including plans and proposals submitted for approval to offshore regulators.

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The above dashboard is just a sneak peek into the available data. The full version with further data on all offshore oil and gas projects in Australia, is available to CODA partners in our Partner Portal. View our partnerships page for more information on how to become a CODA partner.

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– While CODA strives for accuracy and completeness, data limitations and the dynamic nature of the industry mean that project timelines and decommissioning plans can evolve.
– CODA does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data presented and disclaims liability for any errors or changes that may occur.
– All data is subject to change in accordance with Titleholder plans, regulatory approvals, and requirements.
– Decommissioning timing information reflects estimates based on available data and does not represent Titleholder commitments.
– Delays may occur between regulatory approvals or changes to Titleholder plans and the updating of publicly available information. This lag can affect the timeliness and accuracy of the data presented in the Forward Outlook.

Data Sources

– The Forward Outlook covers offshore assets and wells in Australian Commonwealth and State waters installed as of June 30, 2024.
– CODA compiled the Forward Outlook using credible, publicly available information and existing CODA intellectual property.
– Key data sources include published Titleholder documents, environment plans (EPs), and government databases, such as NOPSEMA’s register of industry EPs, the National Offshore Petroleum Information Management System (NOPIMS), the Western Australian Petroleum Information Management System (WAPIMS), and National Electronic Approvals Tracking System (NEATS).

Notes and Assumptions

To provide a comprehensive view of Australia’s offshore decommissioning landscape, CODA has made certain assumptions where information is limited, or plans are evolving:

– Forward Looking: Covers offshore oil and gas infrastructure and decommissioning activity from 2024 onwards.
– Estimated Cessation of Production (CoP): Based on published Titleholder documents, with the earliest year in a range reported if the exact CoP is uncertain.
– Estimated Decommissioning Dates: Populated using information from Titleholder Environment Plans, with regulator expectations of work completed within one-, three-, and five-years post-CoP applied where gaps exist. Charted data links assets to the first year of activity, even if activities span multiple years.
– Decommissioning Phases: Focuses on execution phases (not planning) and reflects broad activity windows, not the estimated duration of tasks.
– Material Typology Estimates: Calculated using the methodology from CODA’s Local Disposal and Recycling Pathways Study (2021) to provide a general understanding of material types and amounts.


– Assets and wells that have already been decommissioned.
– Future installations not yet fully commissioned.
– Asset-specific comparative assessments and proposed end states.