Australia’s oil and gas industry, a key contributor to the global energy landscape, is navigating a crucial juncture as many of its operational assets approach the end of their life expectancy, gearing up for a wave of decommissioning activity expected to span several decades.
In response to this imminent demand, CODA commissioned Deloitte to develop the foundations for a cohesive strategy and path forward to building a skilled domestic workforce equipped to meet future challenges.

In summary, the study:

  • Identifies current and future capabilities of the workforce to execute decommissioning work safely and efficiently with consideration for the whole decommissioning lifecycle.
  • Describes the skill requirements of identified capabilities.
  • Presents a qualitative assessment of the current Australian workforce market, including identification of existing skills across relevant industry sectors.
  • Conducted a gap analysis based on the above outcomes.
  • Proposes solutions or strategies to bridge identified gaps.

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