The Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) with the support of the Western Australian Government has taken a significant step forward in addressing the challenge of decommissioning skills gaps by initiating the delivery of a national skills review study. Deloitte, a leading professional services organisation, has been appointed to conduct the study.

The primary objective of the study is to provide an overview and gap analysis of the essential skills and capabilities required for the safe and efficient execution of current and future decommissioning projects, both onshore and offshore. By identifying skill gaps, the study will lay the foundation for a cohesive strategy to enhance decommissioning skills in Australia and develop a competent workforce capable of handling diverse work programs. The findings from this study will inform CODA’s longer-term decommissioning skills strategy framework.

According to CODA’s previous studies, the Australian offshore environment alone is projected to witness up to USD 40.5 billion worth of oil and gas decommissioning activity over the coming decades. This substantial volume, combined with the ongoing additional onshore decommissioning workload, presents a significant opportunity for Australian businesses participation. To seize this opportunity and foster a sustainable domestic decommissioning industry it is crucial to develop a local workforce with the necessary skills, training, and knowledge. Without a proactive plan to address current skills gaps, securing appropriately trained personnel will become challenging, leading to increased costs, delays in decommissioning projects and increased exposure to hazards.

Recognising that this challenge extends beyond regional boundaries, CODA and the Western Australian Government has identified the need for a coordinated effort and for the study to adopt a national perspective. Through this approach, the study will identify areas where skills can be transferred between regions as well as industries to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration among stakeholders. This work will lead the way in addressing skills gaps issues and develop solutions that will benefit not only Western Australia, but the entire country.

Expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023, the skills review will play a pivotal role in ensuring a competent and adaptable local workforce to meet the growing demand for oil and gas decommissioning in Australia.

Posted 11 July 2023