CODA is excited to announce the commissioning of a new Western Australia Dismantling Hub Location study to be conducted by Kent, a well-known industry consultant.

As part of CODA’s commitment to supporting the establishment and growth of an Australian domestic oil and gas decommissioning, dismantling, recycling, and disposal industry, the study aims to identify the optimal location, size, capability, and characteristics of a suitable receival and dismantling yard to support the decommissioning of oil and gas equipment in Western Australia.

CODA’s previous studies indicate there is an estimated USD40.5 billion worth of decommissioning activity that will take place in Australian waters over the next few decades. Furthermore, approximately 60% of this activity will take place off the coast of Western Australia, presenting a significant opportunity for Western Australian businesses to participate in the work. This participation however will be contingent on having access to appropriate local facilities where the decommissioned and removed equipment can be landed for dismantling, with the dismantled materials entering appropriate reuse, recycling or, where necessary, disposal value chains.

Expected to be completed in mid-2023, the findings of the study will be used to support the Western Australian government’s intention of creating a sustainable and thriving decommissioning industry in Western Australia.

Posted 27 April 2023