CODA is excited to release the much-anticipated “Western Australia Decommissioning Hub Location Study,” a comprehensive study conducted to identify optimal sites for the establishment of a decommissioning receival and dismantling yard for offshore oil and gas assets along the Western Australian coast.

As part of our commitment to fostering the growth of Australia’s domestic oil and gas decommissioning industry, this study supports the Western Australian government’s vision of creating a sustainable and thriving decommissioning industry in the region.

The study has summarised the evaluation of potential sites on the Western Australian coast that would be suitable, concluding that:

  • A significant decommissioning liability is associated with onshore disposal.
  • Multiple locations along the WA coast are deemed suitable for onshore decommissioning facilities.
  • A multi-facility approach is recommended to address diverse market needs.
  • Recovery of pipelines is geographically viable, with considerations for separate handling of fixed assets.
  • Overlapping specifications suggest collaboration with offshore wind staging and decommissioning sites for a dual-use facility.
  • Continued support from government bodies and industry stakeholders is crucial for the success of the local decommissioning market.

For a more detailed insight into the study’s outcomes and actionable recommendations, we invite you to explore the public study.

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Posted 21 February 2024