The Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) has released an interactive online version of its Decommissioning Innovation and Technology Roadmap. The roadmap identifies key areas that would benefit from innovative approaches and new technologies for decommissioning oil and gas infrastructure in Australia.

The report draws on completed decommissioning projects and findings from comparable regulatory regimes in the UK, Norway and the Gulf of Mexico to showcase global best practices. It maps out opportunities for Australia to develop local solutions and become an exporter of decommissioning products and services to the Asia-Pacific region. The roadmap aligns operators, service providers and regulators around a shared vision for transforming industry practices.

Through literature reviews, market engagement and capability analysis, we identified numerous technology and innovation opportunities. These span immediate, 5-10 year and 10-25+ year timeframes, focussing on solutions that offer maximum return on investment for adoption across the Australian industry.

This interactive platform provides a user-friendly interface, enabling users to visually explore the identified technologies, innovations, and their potential impact on the decommissioning sector.

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Posted 7 November 2023