The Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA), is proud to release its Annual Report for the year ended June 2023. This report encapsulates a year of remarkable achievements and growth, solidifying our position as a peak body in the decommissioning sector.

“The past financial year has been one of significant activity and growth for CODA. The year marked CODA’s first full year of operating as an independent organisation…I would personally like to thank the team of passionate humans who make up the CODA staff. Their commitment and enthusiasm toward our mission has been unwavering, and without them, we would not exist.” – Dr. Francis Norman, CEO & Managing Director

Notable milestones highlighted in the report include the successful completion of a study on Western Australia’s port capacity for decommissioned offshore oil and gas infrastructure, and the initiation of a skills and capabilities study to address industry gaps and opportunities. The report also underscores the success of CODA’s partnership program, which continues to grow substantially.

CODA continues to engage organisations and events globally to highlight the strengths and opportunities of the Australian industry.

Download Annual Report [PDF 230KB]

Posted 15 December 2023