About the challenge

The concentration of trace quantities of mercury during the production of oil and gas reservoirs over long-periods presents a challenge during the decommissioning of the production infrastructure. Ensuring that decommissioning activities achieve the best possible environmental outcomes requires a better understanding of the spatial distribution of any potential mercury contamination.

Laboratory-based techniques exist for the measurement and characterization of mercury but require subsea operations for the recovery of spools and/or cold cutting of ‘coupons’ (samples physically removed from the pipeline itself). This is a time-consuming process and is typically applied to the inlet and outlet of the pipeline only resulting in an incomplete assessment of any contamination distributed spatially along its length. The resulting mechanical damage also prevents monitoring of contamination levels during the producing life of the pipeline and limits a better understanding of its potential for re-use.

The challenge therefore seeks solutions that are non-destructive, deployable in the marine environment and are adapted, as far as possible, to existing deployment and carrier technologies.

Solution review & prize awards

All solutions will be reviewed against the functional requirements and preferences outlined below.

Where appropriate, the owner of the ‘winning’ solution will be invited to develop a proof-of-concept or pilot application of the technology or process.

CODA will award a prize to the winning concept or solution that can, if required, be used to help cover the costs of proof-of-concept or pilot development:

  • A$15,000 prize for existing prototypes or at- / near-market technology solutions.
  • A$5,000 for new, innovative enabling concepts (which define a pathway to the development of technology solutions).

Deadline for submissions

Closing date for solutions to the ‘In-situ Measurement of Mercury in Subsea Pipelines’ Challenge is Friday 12th July 2024.

Key information for submitting your solution
Solution functional requirements & preferences