Introduction to decommissioning course

Join academics, industry leaders and subject matter experts in a series of in person lectures, delivered over two and a half days by the Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) to gain a deeper understanding of oil and gas decommissioning in the Australian context. Learn about the regulatory, environmental, economic, and safety aspects of decommissioning and examine the principles of managing and executing decommissioning projects.

Ten modules with 16 lectures:

  • – Introduction to decommissioning
  • – State and federal regulators and the legislation
  • – Financial reporting for decommissioning and proposed changes
  • – Asset management, decommissioning planning and execution
  • – Environmental assessments and research
  • – Well decommissioning
  • – Facility and subsea decommissioning
  • – Disposal and recycling pathways, circular economy and ESG
  • – Comparative assessment and cost estimation
  • – Australia’s Decommissioning challenges and opportunities

Learning mode: In person only
Duration: Two and a half days
Where: Perth, Western Australia

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