CODA visits CessCon UK dismantling yard

CODA CEO Francis Norman and Project and Engagement Manager Samara Groves along with representatives of the WA Government Department of  Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) and Development WA recently had the opportunity to visit the CessCon decommissioning and dismantling yard in Methil, Scotland. The opportunity to meet CessCon was part of the recent visit to Europe to attend the ONS conference which provided CODA the opportunity to include a number of meetings with specialist companies working in the region.

The visit was hosted by CessCon CEO Lee Hanlon along side a number of his team. During the visit Lee provided the Australian delegation with an overview of the history of CessCon and their facility. CessCon established their facility in 2018 to receive and dismantle decommissioned offshore oil and as infrastructure. Their receiving and dismantling yard has a 10 hectare hard stand protected by a membrane to ensure zero emissions to the surrounding environment and they are recycling over 98 percent by weight of all materials received.

Visits to yards such as CessCon’s are providing CODA with significant insights into global best practice dismantling operations that can then support planning for the future decommissioning work in Australia.

Decom North Sea and CODA meeting

Francis Norman, Samara Groves, Sam Ford and Callum Falconer at Decom North Sea offices

CODA and Decom North Sea held a strategic alignment meeting during CODA’s visit to Aberdeen in early September 2022 to discuss the sharing of knowledge between the two bodies. Attending the meeting were Decom North Sea’s CEO Sam Ford and Operations Director Callum Falconer and CODA’s CEO Francis Norman and Project and Engagement Manager Samara Groves.

With significant ongoing and emerging decommissioning activity in both the North Sea and Australian waters, establishing and maintaining strong working relationships between peak bodies is pivotal to ensure best practices and technologies are deployed. As Australian decommissioning grows in scale, having these strong relationships will allow us to accelerate our learnings so we are able to execute work as efficiently and safely as possible, and as Australian businesses develop new, innovative solutions to decommissioning challenges we will be able to share them with the world more quickly.

CODA would like to thank Sam and Callum for their hospitality in hosting the visit in their Aberdeen offices.